Master Class in Fetal Neurology

Fetal Neurosonography

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Malinger        Ximenes


October 23 -25  2014

Campinas - Brasil

Master Class in Fetal Neurology



Mauricio Herrera

Obstetricia - Ginecologia

Medicina Materno Fetal - Terapia Fetal

Cardiologia Fetal - Neurologia Fetal

Jefe Departamento  Medicina Materno Fetal

Clinica Universitaria Colombia - Colsanitas

Director Momprenatal-Fetal Center

ISUOG - Comite de Educacion

Director Cientifico - MFM Group

Bogota - Colombia


Renato Ximenes

Obstetricia - Ginecologia

Medicina Materno Fetal 

Director de Foundacion de Medicina Fetal - Lationoamerica - FMFLA

Director Cientifico - MFM Group

Campinas - Brasil



Scientific Committee

  • Mauricio Herrera

  • Renato Ximenes

  • Daniel Cafici

  • Gustavo Malinger

  • Andy Mejides



MFM Group

Miami - Florida

Miami - Florida


Certification by


- MFM Group


Welcome - Introduction


The Master Class in Neurology Fetal allows Global Understanding of the Fetal Neurological System, embryology and patterns of normal and abnormal development, evaluation and ultrasound images of normal and abnormal brain, morphological and functional diagnosis of fetal neurological abnormalities based aproximaccion up your basic understanding of evolution in-utero. 


This 3 day Master Class will allow the review of new technologies for the diagnosis of fetal brain abnormalities and assured attendees learning through various academic strategies with the use of technology as:


1. ONLINE platform 

2. Lectures by experts 

3. Live demonstrations. 

4. Simulation  in Phantoms. 

5. Interactive Woskshops on personal computers. 

6. Academic material from MFM Group.



We Welcome from them and we are sure that we will achieve a academic environment that will allow us to ensure Immersive learning all attendees. 


We hope to consider participating,



MFM Group


Master Class in Fetal Neurology -

                          Fetal Neursosonography

Campinas - Brasil,  

Venue of Master Class in Fetal Neurology