Master Class in Fetal Neurology



Mauricio Herrera

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Maternal Fetal Medicine - Fetal Therapy

Fetal Cardiology - Fetal Neurology

Head Maternal Fetal Department

Colombia University Clinic - Colsanitas

Director of Momprenatal-Fetal Center

ISUOG - Ambassador - LA

Scientific Director - MFM Group

Bogota - Colombia


Renato Ximenes

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Maternal Fetal Medicine 

Director of Fetal Medicine Foundation LA - Latin- America - FMFLA

Scientific Director - MFM Group

Campinas - Brasil



Scientific Committee

  • Mauricio Herrera

  • Renato Ximenes

  • Daniel Cafici

  • Gustavo Malinger



MFM Group

Miami - Florida

Miami - Florida


Certification by


- MFM Group


General Information

  • Certificate of Attendance: A certificate of attendance will be sent to you via EMAIL once to reach 100% of the course. 


  • Official language: Portuguese(Spanish) and English are the official languages ​​of the course. 


  • Climate: The climate is tropical but mitigated by elevation, with lower rainfall in winter and an annual average temperature of 21.3 °C. Winters are generally dry and mild (rarely too cold), and summers rainy with warm to hot temperatures. The warmest month is February, with an average temperature of 24 °C, an average maximum of 29.1 °C and average minimum of 19.0 °C. The coldest month, July, sees respective temperatures of 17.8 °C, and 24.2 °C and 11.4 °C average maximum and minimum. Fall and spring are transitional seasons.


  • Currency:  visit 


  • Electricity: 110/120 volts AC Mainly, 60Hz. Plugs are American style with two blades. 

    Time Zone: GMT -3


  • Invitation Letter: For a personal invitation letter please send an E-mail to stating the reason  and who should be targeted. You will receive the following hours via E-Mail with electronic signature. 


  • Visas: We suggest you consult with your travel agent. 


  • Sponsors and Exhibitions: Trade houses and laboratories interested in participating as sponsors of the Master Class in Fetal Neurology should send an E-Mail to subsequently receive a PowerPoint presentation with the conditions and rates at their convenience. 


  • Contact Information: For more information about the Master Class, write to:                                


  • Secretariat of the course: For scientific program, Registration, sponsorship, exhibitions and social events. GROUP MFM Miami, Florida Email: